An all inclusive art and culture experience.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in traveling with like-minded creatives, who desire authentic memorable experiences, and wish to engage and learn about another culture's traditional arts and handicrafts. Our intention is to promote respectful social, cultural, and environmental interaction with the local communities. We support local cooperatives and organizations that work to preserve indigenous traditions, techniques and art forms.


Working with Local Artisans


Our focus is to work and engage with local artisans who are masters in their craft. Activities involve discovering and learning about techniques that have been handed down for centuries. 

Exploring Ancient Sites


Ancient sites, temples and exploring the environment are an important part of learning about the history and geography of each area and are rich resources for inspiration.

Enjoying the Regional Cuisine


No cultural trip would be complete without indulging in the regional cuisine. We love trying new flavors and fresh food combinations that are available in the places where we stay.