Tips for Traveling and Making Art


We’re always trying to make the most of our creative time. There is always some time while traveling with long flights, layovers, bus, train or car trips that can utilized. Here are some tips and ideas that you may find useful:

  1. Decide on one or more formats in which to work.

    • Flat. Know the dimensions of the suitcase you are bringing and make work that is no larger than that. Think about trying something new on paper, cardboard, or flat panel.

    • Rolled or folded. Textiles in any technique, stitching, quilting, crocheting, knitting are good options as well as painting on unstretched canvas.

    • Books. Besides bringing and working in a sketchbook (which we believe is a must ), you could make art journal, travel log or handmade art book that documents your trip.

  2. Materials.

    • Water media. Acrylic, watercolor, gouache will all dry fast and be ready when you go to pack them up, not to mention easy clean up.

    • Dry media. Pencils, charcoal, colored pencils, markers are always at the ready to quickly jot down an idea or for longer drawings.

    • Paper. Bring your favorite, an assortment or collect paper to collage along the way.

    • Fabrics and Fibers. They pack away easily and you can pick up some at local stores too.

    • Auxillary materials. Don’t forget those other materials you’ll need in conjunction with however you choose to work, such as glues, brushes, water container, needles, threads, etc.

  3. Packing.

    • Remember that most art materials will need to go in checked baggage. It is also a good idea to label them “art materials” in case TSA wants to have a look at them.

    • Think ahead to what you might need on the way home. Bubblewrap, tape, mounting boards, and large envelopes are good to have along.