You are officially invited on a grand adventure

Grand adventures are the best kind. They are full of discovery, exploration, excavation, and are often a catalyst for internal change. This adventure we're inviting you on is exactly that and there's one more thing, you get to experience it without having to plan a thing (except your flight there and what goes in your suitcase). Trust your gut, that voice from within that is telling you it's time.

Our first trip as Two Artists Travel LLC will be to the Kutch district of Gujarat, India January 19-30, 2019. Before settling on this location, we made sure it would fit our criteria to provide you the best experience. Can this be an art and cultural exchange? Can we spend hands-on time with the local artisans? Can we really dig into process, story, and culture? This particular area of India is a huge yes to all our criteria.

Kutch is bursting with handicrafts whose influence can be traced to Swat Valley (Pakistan), the Middle East, Rajasthan (India) and Africa, as well as its ancient local traditions. Know for distinct designs in embroidery, tie-dye (bandhani), Ajrakh block printing, and weaving, the patterns and process are brimming with stories passed on for centuries. The area is also well known for its bell making, lacquered wood, and batik. We will have so much to explore and experience.

We will be breathing in pattern and symbol everywhere we go, the temples and monuments, step wells, architecture, village life, homes, and landscape (both desert and sea). All of life is decorated and celebrated, yet without a Western aesthetic. This is truly a trip for all the senses.

We will continue to share about this adventure and what to expect, but feel free to ask questions here in the comments, or contact us at