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Two Artists Travel LLC, Sue Stover and Amanda Jolley, have been creating together for almost a decade. They are bonded by their mutual love of art, travel, and a desire to immerse themselves in the creative atmosphere of other cultures. Firm believers in the power of travel to enliven and transform perspectives,  their goal is bring small groups of fellow adventurers along for the ride. Their desire is to facilitate an experience that provides far-reaching impact and inspiration for each person. Our intention is to promote respectful social, cultural, and environmental interaction with local communities. Whenever we can, we support local cooperatives and organizations that work to preserve indigenous traditions, techniques and art forms.

About Amanda

"My art is an expression of my view of life, piecing together a puzzle of story, pattern, culture, and color. As an intuitive abstract painter, my experiences of travel flow into my work as a subconscious stream. My senses come alive as I experience new cultures and history. I want to name every tree, plant, and bird, to touch the doors I enter, imagining the history of the thresholds I cross, to understand the meaning of the symbology found in architecture and textiles. I also have a strong desire to engage and discover the cultural and communal aspects of the hand made. All these experiences flow like water into my creative expressions."

About Sue

"I am an artist with a passion for textiles, patterns and objects made by traditional techniques. I love mystery, ritual, history and objects that exude these qualities. I am fascinated by things made by hand that have symbolic meaning and are tied to a cultures spiritual or communal beliefs. Travel enables me to experience new sights, sounds, textures and colors of other places and to filter these inspirations into my work. Teaching some of these traditional, cross-cultural techniques, I feel a connection with people in other lands, past and present, as well as being part of a continuum of artists handing down and sharing knowledge of processes that have been used for centuries."